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Additional Services

To help you achieve better dates and improve the chances of a successful match, our Experts provide additional services to members and Non-members.

Dating & Relationship Consultation

Coaching on clothing and attitudes to enhance first impression. We will arrange a mock match with a consultant and prepare for production. For men who wish to marry with a Japanese woman, a Japanese consultant from a former flight attendant will be in charge.

Step by Step Make-up Lessons

It is a loved make-up lesson from the foundation. You can choose from Singaporean artists and Japanese artists.

Express Pre-Date Makeup service (Ladies only)

Don't you become great yourself by a Japanese pro makeup artist's makeup before a formal meeting for engagement and an important date?

Cinderella plan - Hair, Make-up, Nail, Eyelash extension  ( Ladies only)

It is a Cinderella plan that will make you a wonderful opportunity before an important date. This is a total beauty coordination of Makeup, Hair set, Eyelash extension and gel nail.

Personal Colour

The personal color is the color which looks good on itself. When the color which looks good near your face will be brought, I increase in feeling of the transparency and see beautifully healthily so that our skin is marvellous. Even a pupil is brilliant and seems vividly. A professional finds the color which looks good on you, and your impression is raised dramatically.

Flatter figure & Clothes Coordination

The skeleton texture an individual birth place had (bones style) is different. The fashion item which is different in the feel of a material of the body and the feature of the line depending on easiness of doing development of muscle, fat and a joint and looks good is also different. A professional checks your framework, and she'll propose coordination of matchmaker arranged date clothes which look good and date clothes while seeing clothes of holdings.

Personal shopping (Singapore)

It is a shopping accompanying service that the personal stylist is looking for according to the purpose and budget for the best fitting clothes to you. It is a very efficient shopping method that can spoil unnecessary shopping and use time efficiently. All shopping services include prior arrangements and preliminary preparations.

Personal shopping (Tokyo)

A Japanese stylist who can speak English will support your dress shopping even in Tokyo. It is a very efficient shopping method that you can effectively use time on your destination. The main areas of shopping are Ginza, Aoyama, Daikanyama.

Shopping with more than 2 people

To those who would like to be shopping with friends, couples, and families. Up to 3 people will be charged.

Salon accompany (Hair salon, Gel Nail salon, Eyelash extensions, etc)

Even if you go to beauty salons, nail salons etc reputable in Tokyo, it is meaningless as it is when you order in the country. Japanese Beauty Advisor who can speak English will support with honest opinion. Beauty cerapist book the salon and accompany 2 stores, 2 hours.

Advice for Shopping in Tokyo

Personal shopper will do shopping advice and beauty salon advice in Tokyo by mail or telephone. We book the beauty salon if you wish (max 2 times).


Raquel T

Raquel T

Style and image advisor, dating and relationship coach. I have helped style models and celebrities in fashion industry, but I most enjoy styling ‘real’ people. It makes me feel great to help someone look more attractive than they thought possible, and in turn become more confident. Later in my career I became a professional matchmaker at an elite agency. It gives me no greater joy than to help others grow, to discover their fullest potential, to find love – whilst looking their absolute best!

Jennifer Koh

Jennifer Koh

Make-up artist

Jeniffer is a professional make-up artist, usually does make up at the big events like wedding ceremony. She is able to do different kind of make-ups according to situations as well as make-up for weddings. She does make up which brings out individual charm in the best way.

Talk event 【The law of attraction & Happy life】

Amy Okudaira’s Talk Event in Singapore !
An event you don’t want to miss, held by a Japanese writer, that will change your life.

1.What is the Law of Attraction?
2.Attract your ideal future life partner using the Law of Attraction.
3.How to enjoy a happy life with your partner, family, and other people around you, using the Law of Attraction. 
4.Question and Answers
※The talk event will proceed in Japanese and English

【When?】Sat October 5th 14:00-17:00 (Opening 13:30)
【Where?】Suntec Singapore
Moderator: Mifuyu Ando
Join and attract your future life partner using the Law of Attraction!