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The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.
Amy Okudaira, a guru of the Law of Attraction, discusses how to use this law to attract future life partners and to live a happy life. Don’t miss the chance to hear her speak.
The Japanese marriage agency, NEXUS (Konkatsu Singapore), which have brought together many couples and marriages, even in Singapore, have planned this event. We see that “education”, mind reset is important for members to meet the “one”. Some of the new member who didn’t have counselling continues meeting many members. Members who receive quality counselling are able to meet their future partners sooner than those who don’t.
The Law of Attraction works for anything. We are introducing the “Law of Attraction” in Singapore, to help make people even happier.

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  1. What is the Law of Attraction?
  2. Attract your ideal future life partner using the Law of Attraction.
  3. Break
  4. How to enjoy a happy life with your partner, family, and other people around you, using the Law of Attraction. 
  5. Question and Answers

The Guru of the Law of Attraction: Amy Okudaira

Born in Hyogo, she received her bachelor’s degree from the Ochanomizu Women University. She is a bestselling author, with 700,000 copies total sold. Before discovering the “Law of Attraction” and changing her life in 2012, she worked in an office. Her blog, where she writes about her experience, gained popularity and was published. Her subsequent books continued to become best sellers, and she currently goes back and forth between Bali and Japan, while focusing on writing and lecturing. She is an embodiment of living the life you want and making your dreams come true using the Law of Attraction. Her work includes “引き寄せの教科書 (The Law of Attraction Textbook)” and “宇宙から突然最高のパートナーが放り込まれる法則(The Rules For When Your Life Partner Is Suddenly Thrown At You From Space)”.

Moderator: Mifuyu Ando

While studying at Keio University, she went to Amsterdam as an exchange student. After quitting her job at Shueisha (a top book company in Japan), she started to work as a freelancer. She gained attention by using social media to attain a job and lifestyle, not limited to job titles and specialized fields. She holds many titles such as author, product designer, university lecturer, commentator, advertiser and appearing in events. Taking advantage of her experience traveling to 60 countries around the world, she also conducts overseas coverage, is a facilitator for the Cabinet Office’s “Ship for World Youth”, pilot of the Peace Boat, etc. She has also appeared on TV programs such as “情熱大陸(Jonetsu Tairiku)” and “NHK Special”. Her work as an author includes “行動力の育て方(Fostering Actionability)” , “Cebu English Study Abroad for Business Personnel” , and “2019 Notebook: What I Want To Do In My 20s”.

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